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Re: Rock'n'roll !

I wrote...
[all vertebrates (actually archosaurs) closer to birds then crocodiles
is...] <Already taken by Ornithosuchia. >

Dinogeorge wrote...
>Umm--so what? Aves has priority.

    Not as you defined it. You only invoke priority when a name has been
applied to a particular taxon. Should we start calling Camarosaurus
"Iguanodon" just because its an older name?

Jerry Hodges wrote...
>Some believe that unless you have a PhD, you cannot be recognized as a
paleontologist.  Is that right?

    Not having a PhD certainly limits the employment market in acadamia, but
I think at least a lot of PhDs would be willing to call someone with a
lesser degree, or even no college education, a "paleontologist" if they had
enough experience in paleo, including some peer-reviewed publications.

>Did I say anything like that?  I also did not say "extra" specimens.

    What you said was "I believe that for both categories, a great many
specimens in up in drawers; too many".  If there are "too many", it implies
that some of them should be somewhere else in particular.  I not
particularly trying to start up a big fossil collecting debate, so sorry if
there was misunderstanding.

>Is there really a secret room at the Pentagon?  I have been wondering where
they keep all of that UFO stuff.

    First floor next to the juice machine.

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