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Please read: Re: Living Dinosaurs

No more Cryptozoology posts.  See (as I suggested yesterday)
and in particular Section 8h - Moratoria on tired threads:

"Additionally, list owners may order an immediate shutdown of
discussions which arise on subjects which are not germane to the
purpose of the list -- dinosaur science. Notable examples of subjects
which have no place on the list are cryptozoology, time travel, Planet
of the Apes, and random computer virus alerts, among others. List
members will be expected to recognize these calls for cessation of
discussion (i.e. Mickey Rowe or Mary Kirkaldy will unambiguously post
that this thread is not to be pursued). Disciplinary action may be
taken against list members who continue to post on these subjects,
whether or not 24 hours has passed. Similarly, discussion on whether
the subject should be allowed is to be sent to the list owners and not
to the list."

That means none.  Dinosaur science, please.

Mary Kirkaldy
Dinosaur Mailing List Co-owner