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Re: Living dinosaurs?

Scientists usually forget that native people know the nature very deeply.
Surely a Tibetan will know the difference between a bear and an ape.
Joao SL
Rio de Janeiro
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Subject: Re: Living dinosaurs?

> Eric Lurio wrote:
> <Had bigfoot or Mokele-Mbembe been real THEY would
> have been found right away, too.>
>   Recently, the so-called yeti of Asia and its
> Mongolian counterpart have been hypothesized to be
> very big indigenous bears, variations of the Siberian
> brown. Still produces a very human-like and very large
> pes print. Essentially, there's a lot of what one
> _wants_ to see that is found, no matter what is there.
> That's why a great deal of "cryptozoology" is not
> considered a science. There _are_ self-styled
> cryptozoologists who are very scientific and have
> found spotted rabbits, largish forest antelopes, etc.
> in the past 10 years who are quite respectable indeed.
> People read "strange" and "unusual" into their
> interests and are constantly looking for it without
> finding it.
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>   spike! Down, gaston, down, boy! No, not on top of Momma!
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