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Re: Stegosaurus Defense

>Hi Everyone,
>I just want to first thank everyone who responded to my question
>concerning Tarbosaurus
>Jurassic period across an enormous area. Does
>anyone have any additional views on this subject?
>Any Help Appreciated,

I think you have to look at it from the point of view of the agressor in
that it is not normally worth its risk if it will be dealt a serious injury
every other time he/she tried to get a bite to eat. That's pretty obvious.

But what of the situation where one risked a serious injury every hundreth
time or even more. It still is not a win situation. So if there is some nice
juicy hadrosaur standing around without those nasty tail spikes its going to
be hadoburgers tonight.

Ya now ask me how the meateater know these odds. I guess when daddy went off
to the hunt for stegosaurus and never came back it would sink in. I would be
interested in a paper addressing how a walnut size brain figures all this
out. But think they did.

paul sparks