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Re: Mystery: Who was John Moore?

Ken Kinman recently informed me of a John B. Moore, a prominent law professor 
at Columbia University, who retired in 1924 and died in 1947.

Could this John Moore be the same John Moore that Osborn personalized his book 

To me, it makes sense for several reasons.  First off, the book lists Osborn as 
a research professor of geology at Columbia.  Perhaps Moore and Osborn were 
colleagues and friends, and Osborn gave Moore a copy of his book as a Christmas 

Plus, as a prominent lawyer, Moore would certainly have an interest in the 
evolution debate, the subject of Osborn's book.

This brings me to my latest question on the issue: does anybody know if John B. 
Moore, the Columbia law professor, was at all involved in the evolution debate 
of the 1920's??  If so, perhaps we have solved the mystery.

Looks like a good lead...


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