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Re: Mystery: Who was John Moore?

--- Steve  Brusatte <dinoland@lycos.com> wrote:

> Ken Kinman recently informed me of a John B. Moore,
> a prominent law professor at Columbia University,
> who retired in 1924 and died in 1947.


> To me, it makes sense for several reasons.  First
> off, the book lists Osborn as a research professor
> of geology at Columbia.  Perhaps Moore and Osborn
> were colleagues and friends, 

A lawyer and a mere _scientist_ friends and (shudder)
COLLEAGUES?  You must be joking, old chap .... 

I'll not challenge you to pistols in the alley this
time, but I assure that my paralegals have been
charged with keeping an eye on you ....


"This case has had full analyzation and has been looked at  a lot. I understand 
the emotionality of death penalty cases."
--George W. Bush, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 23, 2000

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