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Dinosaur Encyclopaedia

Version 5 of the Dinosaur Encyclopaedia is now available. Classification,
era, size, location, fossils and species lists for 523 valid genera (now
including 85 Mesozoic bird genera), 231 illustrated genera, another 416
"invalid" genera (total 939 genera), 45,000+ word essay section,  340+
pop-up glossary terms.
All named dinosaur genera up to the end of July, 2000 (Nqwebasaurus and
Runs on any version of Windows, price A$30.
For further information please contact me off-list.
(current users should receive either an email or snail-mail upgrade notice
in the near future - if you think you have been missed, or you know your
email has changed since this time last year, feel free to contact me as well).
Graeme Worth