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Re: Dinosaur Encyclopaedia

Is there a Mac version available (or at least in the near future?)

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000 gmbra@cygnus.uwa.edu.au wrote:

> Version 5 of the Dinosaur Encyclopaedia is now available. Classification,
> era, size, location, fossils and species lists for 523 valid genera (now
> including 85 Mesozoic bird genera), 231 illustrated genera, another 416
> "invalid" genera (total 939 genera), 45,000+ word essay section,  340+
> pop-up glossary terms.
> All named dinosaur genera up to the end of July, 2000 (Nqwebasaurus and
> Pyroraptor).
> Runs on any version of Windows, price A$30.
> For further information please contact me off-list.
> (current users should receive either an email or snail-mail upgrade notice
> in the near future - if you think you have been missed, or you know your
> email has changed since this time last year, feel free to contact me as well).
> Thanks
> Graeme Worth