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DML Mail reponce to responces

Hi again all,

Thanks to the nearly two dozen of you who replied to my query. I am relieved 
to not that foe once, AOL is not at fault. Apparently DML  traffic is 
naturally low and for me the lowest I have ever seen in my 7years on the list!

Once I get off of working double shifts and mucho OT at my regular job, I'll 
attempt to amuse and amaze the assembled mind about my very exciting trip to 
Montana/Wyoming where we prospected from Late Jurassic and the entire 
Cretaceous up to the K-T boundary! Then more fieldwork in the wilds of 
suburban Maryland at the first, last and only professionally sponsored field 
work in the Arundel clay of the 20th Century!

But we'll have to wait until Sunday or Monday after i've recovered from 12 
stratight days of work and 6 double shifts in a row!!!!!

Thanks again everyone!


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies