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Funny bones

    In the course of my aetosaur research, I have come across the names of elements that I don''t recognize.  These are found in older references (1947 and 1961), and I think they may be older names for other bones:
"SUPRAORBITALS" are described as an 'arch of bones" at the sides of the frontal, prefrontal, and postfrontal, and partially lying underneath the bones of the skull roof.  In one specimen, they are described as "curved into an arc to simulate sclerotic plates".
"TRANSPALANTINES" is described as a rod-shaped palatal bone that is oriented "dorsomesially", and abuts against the maxilla and jugal and is overlapped by the lcrimal.  Dorsolaterally, "it is continuous with the anteroventral rim of the orbit", and proximally it overpals the anterior part of the descending process of the pterygoid.  The "anteromesial" part borders the suborbital palatal vacuity.
    Also, what direction does "mesial" refer to?  DINOSAURIA defines it for use in describing teeth as "the edge of the tooth toward the symphysis or premaxillary midline", but I see it being used in describing bones.  Is it the same as "anterior", "medial", or something else?
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