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RE: New paper on Caudipteryx & cursoriality in Nature

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> Subject: Re: New paper on Caudipteryx & cursoriality in Nature
>     Did the authors include the oviraptosaur with the pygostyle?
The did not include _Nomingia_ in either the morphometric or center of mass
study (it is far too incomplete to allow the latter).

_Nomingia_ DOES have 13 preserved presacrals and a nearly complete pelvis &
sacrum so you could arguably get a reasonable trunk length.  This depends on
where the presacrals were in the column: there are prominent hypapophyses on
the third-fifth preserved ones, suggesting that this is the cervico-thoracic
transition.  However, the metatarsus is unknown, so you can't get a real
hindlimb length for this guy: if you scale to approximate the length, then
plotting it as it were measurements is inappropriate.

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