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Oviraptor morphs

In the course of my studies, I have come across the various "morphs" of
Oviraptor and Ingenia.

Oviraptor seems to have three "morphs" (I use the word for lack of the
proper one, of which I am ignorant):
The normal-looking, larger one (GI 10042)
The one with a cassowary's inverted-parabola-shaped crest (AMNH 6517) (not
Rinchehia, but similar)
The one with no crest at all (but not Ingenia)

Also, Ingenia, formerly part of Oviraptor has multiple morphs as well.
First, there is the boxy, type, like a crestless Oviraptor
Second, there is a longer, low-slung skull that looks a lot like a

These observations are based upon Jaime Headden's reconstructions, and he
states that these morphs might belong to different species (like Rinchenia
and Ingenia were once part of Oviraptor), or to different sexes (with the
crested and crestless Oviraptor), but as Qilong is now (sadly) no longer
with us, I do not know whether the situation has changed.  My question, is
'has it?'