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If this was true, I would be upset as well. But, this also reminds me of a book I just read about people stealing bones, and murder/mystery, etc. It's called Bone Hunter, by Sarah Andrews. I don't know if anyone else on the list has read it, but I found it quite interesting. (Matter of fact, I read it in one sitting). Just wondering if anyone else had read it, and what they thought of it.
Also, once again, I would like to thank everyone who helped me get information for my talk. It went well. If anyone is interested, I have the PowerPoint file with the maps and illustrations that I used, and I would be happy to let anyone look at it.
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In a spinoff from the hypsilophodontid monophyly thread (were you
impressed with the massive response Pete?), Tim wrote...

> As for the headless _Othnielia_... I heard a very sad story about how
> the skull of _Othnielia_ was stolen ("head-hunted") before the
> specimen could be completely excavated. [SNIP] Is this a true story? If
> so, it has my blood boiling...

Rather than this being a definitely true story, I think it was Jim Jensen's
hunch (i.e., that collectors found the skeleton and took the skull). This
story was relayed (via George) on the DML a while back - check the

Back to the matter of whether ornithischians like _Agilisaurus_ and
_Yandusaurus_ should be grouped together with _Hypsilophodon_ et
al., a dinosaur society article by Paul Barrett and Paul Upchurch
mentioned work by Barrett and David Norman (the one who studies
ornithischians, not passerines*) in which it was demonstrated that these
animals weren't even (necessarily) ornithopods. They may in fact be
really basal ornithischians, though let's wait for the analyses before
speculating too wildly... An upcoming paper I've seen cited as Norman
and Barrett in press (or Barrett and Norman) is on Purbeck Group
ornithischians and demonstrates the presence of both camptosaurids
and heterodontosaurids in this unit (_'Iguanodon' hoggi_ and
_Echinodon_ respectively.. both previously discussed on DML). This
may include character analysis of diverse forms in which case it could
dish the dirt on the Chinese taxa.

Purbeck dinosaurs are finally getting their due it would seem - Angela
Milner is talking about the theropods at SVPCA.

*David Norman is an ornithologist best known for his work on
Fieldfares (_Turdus pilaris_). In other words, there are two David
Normans that work on dinosaurs.

"The only disquieting note was the reports.... of 'cervicals' living wild
in the area. Obviously a smear campaign is afoot."

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