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Hello again everyone. Once again, I have more questions, and sadly few answers...here it goes...
Where did the Ornithomimosauria come from? Once again, using my trusty copy of The Dinosauria, it lists it branching off from Tetanurae (if I'm reading this right), and being more derived (I guess would be the way to put that) than Carnosauria. In the section on Ornithomimosauria, there is another diagram, which shows Gallimimus being the most derived, while Elaphrosaurus is shown as the most basal. But below Elaphrosaurus is lister Maniraptora. How does Maniraptora figure into the relationships between the rest of the Dinosauria, and where, in general, did the Ornithomimids come from (semi-directly, not like "Eoraptor", or "archosaurs") Thanks in advance.
As for the smallest dinosaur, I would vote for Tyrannosaurus legous )Yes, I say the name for the lego tyrannosaur should be T. legous) At just 3 inches high, this has to be one of the smallest dinosaurs of all time!


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