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Re: Dinosaurs footprints found in Italy

>I heard about this a few days ago, and was interested to learn more about 
>these prints.  The full article says the prints are about 120-130 million 
>years old.  My first question on the subject, immediately upon reading the 
>article, was if these prints were at all related to some of the tracks found 
>in the Northern Italian Dolomite Alps (which are being studied by the group 
>Alessandro Marisa is a part of).  
>The northern Italian prints are Cretaceous in age, so obviously they are not 
>related.  But, from my readings I have heard that there is some debate about 
>the age of southern Italian sediments (meaning that they may indeed be 
>Cretaceous-meaing the two print locales may be related).  Does anyone know 
>anything of this?
>You can see photos of these Northern Italian tracks at 
Just a quick note-the AP articles list the prints as Jurassic in age, although 
they give the dates as 120-130 mya (early Cretaceous).  This is likely just an 
error in the media, but the debate on the dates of some of these southern 
Italian sediments I posted about does concern this.  Some say that they may be 
Jurassic, some Cretaceous.  Maybe the reporter was just confused.

Just to make things clear.  I don't want people to think I don't know my 
geological dates....


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