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Re: Epanterias Amplexus

In a message dated 8/23/00 10:34:19 PM EST, indianajones@dynasty.net writes:

<<  It stated that this animal was a carnivore, and was about 50 feet long, 
and jaws so immense that it could swallow a cow.  Is this a true dinosaur or 
a hoax? >>

True dinosaur but size is overstated (as usual). Presently considered to be 
based on a large Allosaurus fragilis individual, but some consider it to be a 
distinct large species of Allosaurus, A. amplexus. Probably about 35 feet 
long, if it scales like Allosaurus. I don't think even Tyrannosaurus or 
Giganotosaurus could swallow a cow whole; would require a few bites.