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Hello!..and a question.


This is my first post on these archives, so please
bear with me.  :)

Well, I'm glad to have joined this list; it's great to
be among fellow dinosaur-enthusiasts.  Just to back up
my case, my vertebrate paleontological love
(/obsession) has stretched back as long as I can
remember; (being 16 years of age right now.)  But that
can't really hold a candle to some of you here!
(..yet!..*dramatic chord*) When I get to college, I'd
really like to go for a degree in Biology, take lots
of geology classes, and see how things go from there,
so any advice along the line would be immensely

Now, for that question.

I live in Massachusetts, and well..the only dinosaur
remains I've heard of occurring in Massachusetts
rocks, or even in all of New England, are trackways in
the Connecticut River Valley and some possible
Anchisaurus (polyzelus?) and/or Coelophysis sp.
remains.  Not that this isn't a good thing, it's
great, but I'd like to know if anything else has been
found here.  By "anything," I mean anything older than
maybe the Pleistocene; but Mesozoic fauna if possible.
 If anyone knows where I could find a good geological
map of MA or the whole of New England, whether it's
online or has to be ordered, that'd be a huge help as


Taormina (Tara) 

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