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Re: Vestigial horse toes (short comment)

In a message dated 8/25/00 4:03:12 AM, JarnoP@ccs.nl writes:

<< As anyone who has ever cleaned the hooves of a horse knows basically every

horse living today has some vestigial toes left, high up on the leg. I don't

know what they're called in English, but in Dutch they're called the

"zwilwratten". But the ones on old Bonaparte's horse where probably larger,

further down the leg and looked actually like toes, much like that

well-known "What's-their-name-hippus" _Equus_ ancestor that had toes like

that. >>

Extra toes on horses aren't necessarily "throwbacks" there are 
polydactil-type mutations like six fingered cats, which aren't VERY rare. 
Bonaparte's horse could have been something like that.

eric l.