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Re: Hello!..and a question.

<<So what I'm trying to say here is that math really
is the 
to everything.  Yes, you have to be able to write
well, but if you are 
at math there is absolutely no scientific discipline
closed off to you.>>
<<you  have the freedom to go either into paleontology
or maybe
something else that interests you--after all, you
never know what the
future brings.  But if you get your B.S. in geology
with paleontology
option, you've automatically closed off other avenues
of future study.  >>

T.A. Curtis:

First off, thanks for the advice!  
I know, I've already heard about the importance of
math (unfortunetely, I only like math when I
understand it; hopefully this'll improve soon), and
how hard paleontology jobs are to get..but, like you
said, if you major in geology (does this hold for
bio?) and minor in evolutionary bio this gives you
some slack in finalizing what one wants to do.  I've
thought a lot about that, majoring in either geo or
bio and then seeing where things go from there..
So, good luck with your studies, too!

<<On DinoData ( http://www.dinodata.net/
)Massachusetts has its own page >>


Thanks!  This was very helpful.

Dinogeorge:  Okay, thanks a million :)

Jeff Hecht:  Thanks for the neigc.org link!  That
helped, too.


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