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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #147

Jack McIntosh called about an interesting new dinosaur just published in the C
omptes Rendus of the Academy of Sciences 330: 875-882, Paris (I'll have the 
complete citation when the paper arrives in a few days). It's a Late 
Maastrichtian lambeosaurine(!) from the Yuliangze Formation of China (don't 
yet know where in China this is), and the holotype is a partial skull. 
Most--but not all--of the crest is broken off, but what remains resembles the 
crest of Parasaurolophus. Besides the holotype skull there is plentiful 
disarticulated postcranial material from a bone bed, and a Parasaurolophus-lik
e skeletal reconstruction appears in the paper. This is the first good 
lambeosaurine skull to come out of Asia, as far as I can recall.

Here's the name:

Charonosaurus Godefroit, Zan & Jin, 2000
    C. jiayinensis Godefroit, Zan & Jin, 2000â

The genus has been added to the Dinosaur Genera List as genus #891, and the 
species has been added to the Asian species section of the forthcoming second 
printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3.

In a cladogram in the paper, Charonosaurus appears as the sister group to Para
saurolophus, and these two genera together form a sister group to a clade 
comprising Corythosaurus, Hypacrosaurus, and Lambeosaurus. This larger group 
is sister to the other hadrosaurines, and so forth.

Miscellaneous correction: One of the authors of the Nanyangosaurus paper from 
the previous DGL correction is Lu with an umlaut over the u. This may not 
have transmitted correctly to everyone. Lu-umlaut is, I believe, one of the 
authors of the Chuanjiesaurus paper, and I have corrected his name with that 
genus in the Dinosaur Genera List from simply Lu.