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RE: Troodon eggs

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> Ken Kinman
>       I have not yet read the paper cited below, but wonder if
> anyone knows
> if their conclusions have been challenged.  Particularly the
> conclusion that
> the "non-ornithoid" eggs they found are troodontids.

Would be difficult to discount, as these eggs contain embryonic remains of

> They
> apparently also
> reject the Troodon identification of ornithoid eggs found earlier in
> Montana.

Yes. Basically, the eggs long identified as from _Orodromeus_ in fact belong
to _Troodon_ (see Horner & Weishampel 1996. Nature 383: 103).  From the
Varricchio et al. paper:
        "Additionally, the tentative assignment of Two Medicine ornithoid-ratite
egs with a dispersituberculate surface to ?_Troodon_ (...) is incorrect.
These eggs remain unassignable to a specific dinosaur taxon."

Off the top of my head, I would speculate those eggs might be
_Chirostenotes_ or _Ricardoestesia_, among named dinosaurs.

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