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Karen Alf - obituary

I am forwarding this from Ken Carpenter.  It has also been posted on the
vertpaleo list.

It is with great sadness that I report that SVP member Karen Alf passed away
last week. Karen
           worked on Prehistoric Journey, the fossil exhibit at the Denver
Museum of Natural History. Among
           her accomplishments are the mounts of the smaller of the two
Coelophysis skeletons and the
           skeleton of Sphenocoelus unitensis. Karen was also involved with
the discovery of a dinosaur
           egg clutch in the Morrison Formation at Garden Park, Colorado.

           Karen began at the Museum as a volunteer, and continued later as
staff. Karen was well liked by
           students in the fossil preparation class because of her patience
and clarity of instruction. She
           was meticulous as a preparator as evidenced by the quality of the
juvenile Coelophysis mount.
           After the opening of Prehistoric Journey, she maintained a fossil
preparation business, Of
           Primitive Origins, in her home.

           Condolences may be sent to her parents at JAlf@Compuserve.com.
Services will be held
           tomorrow, Friday, at Chapel of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in
Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
           Contributions to a memorial fund can be made at the Karen Alf
Memorial Fund, c/o Stacey
           Copeland, West Star Bank, PO Box 999, Bartlesville, OK 74005. The
family prefers that
           contributions be made to the fund rather than flowers be sent.

           A longer contribution will appear in the SVP News Bulletin.

           Kenneth Carpenter

    Just to add a few notes of my own, I knew Karen during my time at the
Denver Museum of Natural History.  She was a very good friend to me, and one
of my first instructors in fossil preparation.  During the museum's 1992
Garden Park dig (the summer after I graduated from high school), I assisted
Karen at the Preprismatoolithus egg site.
    Karen collaborated with Ken on the first chapter in Dinosaur Eggs and
Babies, and she is also the woman operating the jackhammer in the second
color plate in Ken's Eggs, Nests, and Baby Dinosaurs, which was taken at the
Garden Park site.
    Karen will be sadly missed.

Jeffrey W. Martz
Graduate student, Department of Geosciences, Texas Tech University
3002 4th St., Apt. C26
Lubbock, TX 79415