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Dinosaur Paleontology.

Hi. My name is Joe and I'm new to the list. I'm attending college at Laramie
County Community College in Wyoming. My plans are to attend the University of
Wyoming. I want to become a vertebrate paleontologist with an emphasis on
dinosaurs. I have a few questions though. Why is it hard to find universities
granting paleontology degrees? I've found a few with geology degrees with
concentrations in paleontology. I would think that out here in dino country
there would be more. Also my friends and relatives are trying to persuade me
to find a different calling. There premise is that paleontology is a dead end
as a career. They say that I won't have a job and that I should go into an
engineering field. Is this true? I really want to become a paleontologist,
not an engineer. If there are any answers or advice I would appreciate it.
                      Thank You