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Re:Response to Gould?

Ken Kinman wrote.
<<   Birds are the living descendants of dinosaurs, but different enough
that I won't go as far as to say they ARE living dinosaurs.   I don't find
it the slightest bit surprising that many other people see it the same way.  >>
i think there is a deep difference from the point of view of a scientist who(like you)   because of his/her own ideas, doesn't want to call birds "dinos" , yet considering it as a possibility(since it is sistematically correct), and  that of  any other person  who still hasn't understood that considering birds as dinosaurs is not as considering humans as they were birds.
(i know this is a quite common reaction )
It is  surely still possible that a person, after he/she has learnt that birds are dinosaurs descendants( and thus can be considered dinos themselves) thinks that it's  better to call them simply birds, but this is a different thing.
 Calzolari Filippo
Volunteer of the Paleontological Museum of Monfalcone