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Re:Response to Gould?

Eric Lurio wrote:
<<Ho-kaaaaaay...here we go again with the "elephants are fish" argument!
Elephants are NOT fish and Birds are NOT Dinosaurs. I will now run for cover.>>
I've just said that there is a deep difference between the point of view of a person who can have his/her own idea about something, because he/she has the knowledge to do so, and that of a person who just says "are you crazy?", without knowing what he/she's talking about;
if whales were not mammals (a stupid  and impossible example, only to talk about something different from dinos), BUT all people (because they were tought so and because they have always seen whales very different from their dog) thought that they were, they would make the same face hearing from you << whales are mammals>>.....right?
this is the only point i wanted to make clear...
Calzolari Filippo
" C'è sempre qualche mattacchione in giro"