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Dinosaur-Hunter's Guide to Washington DC

I don't know if anyone remembers back this far, but at the start of
November (it feels like a different millennium!) I posted a message
here saying that I was going to Washington DC, and asking people to
recommend where I can find dinosaurs there.  I promised to write up a
summary and post it here.

Well, the time is up.  I'm leaving on Monday, so here's what I've
found out:

Firstly, no suprise to find that Smithsonian's National Museum of
Natural History (NMNH) is very much the top attraction -- one
respondent described it as "pretty much the only game in town for
quality stuff", and went on to comment that It's kind of hard to
compete with free museums that actually have their own subway stop, so
no one really tries."  Fair do's.

The same person rather callously (:-) told me that there had been a
``Sue'' cast at Union Station recently, but that's gone now, zooming
around the country for all it's worth.

Other, rather more tangentially dino-related recommendations were:

* The U.S. Geological Survey in Reston (which is apparently about half
  and hour's drive outside DC proper.)

* The National Zoo, which as well as condors and emus (I _knew_
  someone was going to pull the ol' "avian dinosaur" gag ...) has some
  sculptures of Real Dinosaurs.

* The National Aquarium in Baltimore (about an hour's drive), which I
  am informed is much much better than the other National Aquarium
  (duh!) in DC.  Caveat Visitor.

* The Maryland Science Centre, also in Baltimore, which has a "dino
  dig" exhibit, a few bones, and a truly horrible web-site that
  flashes huge mouse-over graphics at you given the slightest

That seems to be about it for public exhibits.  I'm delighted to say
that a list-members has generously offered to show me his large
private collection, but I will not state his or her identity, so as to
protect the person in question from floods of requests for similar
opportunities :-)


Alert readers will have noticed that, with brilliant timing, I'm
disappearing just as the FAQ effort is starting to gather a bit of
momentum.  Don't let that put you off!  Please continue to send your
book recommendations, anti-recommendations and discussions to the
dinofaq list, <dinofaq@egroups.com>, and feel free (those of you
subscribed to that list) to criticise each other's recommendations!
I'll gather up the whole lot when I get back and sift it into a
coherent list of appropriate books.  (Then I'll try to arrange to have
my family buy them all for me for Christmas!)

Thanks again to everyone who's contributing.

BTW., sorry if it seems like I've been flooding the list today; I'll
be quiet all next week, I promise :-)

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