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Re: Rocasaurus

Tuesday, November 28, 2000 Jaime A. Headden wrote: 
>Mike Keesey wrote: 
>Titanosauridae) de la provincia de Río Negro (Formacion Allen, 
>Cretácico superior), Patagonia, Argentina. Ameginiana 37(3). 259-
> Might be a little confusing, but at least with the ICZN 1966 
>it won't have to be renamed for sake of *Roccosaurus.* Any details? 
>more dinos from the Allen.... 

This animal, Rocasaurus muniozi was named this year (2000) by the 
paleontologist Leonardo Salgado of the Univeridad Nacional del 
Comahue. This animal was named after General Roca city, nearly to the 
locality when it was found. 

The formation allen is exposed in a few localities, like Salitral 
Moreno, Bajo de Santa Rosa, Cerro Blanco, Islas Malvinas, Etc. Some 
Dinosaurs from the Formation Allen are: 

Aeolosaurus sp. 
Rocasaurus muniozi 
Sauropoda indet. 
Theropoda indet. 
Hadrosauridae indet. 
Lambeosaurinae unnamed 
Nodosauridae indet. 

I'm working in a web page about South American Dinosaurs (In 
Spanish), specially about Cretaceous Formations of South America. If 
you want more information about this send me a mail. 

Ruben D. Juarez Valieri