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Re: Last of the Pterosaurs

One of the last pterosaurs was the spectacular Quetzalcoatlus, named
after the traditional Mexican feathered snake-god Quetzalcoatl. This huge creature, its head longer then a man, was probably as big as a flying animal which it lived.<

Kinda confused by that last sentance. But the main point is, has anyone seen the New Mexico Museum of Natural History's flying reconstruction of this animal? It had never dawned on me just how _huge_ this animal was until I saw that! Truely impressive.

Quetzalcoatlus was so big that it could not have taken off without help from the winds whistling through the mountains and canyons of Texas, USA<
What is the evidence for this? I seem to remember seeing some show in the late 80's (i think), where they made a flapping model of this animal. I don't remember how they got it into the air. Maybe one of the pterosaurologists on the list could answer this.

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