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Dinotopia TV Series

A regular series after the mini series:

The coming Dinotopia mini-series doesn't look to be the
end of the TV programs devoted to James Gurney's books.
According to Variety columnist Army Archerd, the ABC TV
network will follow up the mini-series with a regular
Dinotopia TV series of 22 one-hour episodes. 

Shooting on the mini-series will continue for the next
three-four months followed by a year of post-production,
which suggest that we may be waiting quite some time for
the regular series to appear.

Meanwhile, the sets that are currently being used for the
production that is shooting at Pinewood may be used
again but not necessarily for the regular TV series. Word
has it that reps from EuroDisney have come to the set
exploring the options of moving the set over to the Paris
Disney park after shooting wraps. The sets would then be
used for a part of a new Dinotopia attraction.