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Re: birds are birds, dogs are dogs

At 10.35 01/12/00 -0600, NKing@usi.edu wrote:
>Call a bird a bird, so we will all know what you're talking about.  Is it
>also a dinosaur, at a less precise level of labeling?  Of course, but we
>shouldn't be striving for reduction of precision and increase in confusion,
>and then berate the people who are getting confused.  A dog is a dog, even
>though it is also an epithere and eupelycosaur (as someone suggested here).
>Call it a dog, so we'll know what you're talking about!

Another example: if with a new, ipothetical extinction, all mammals
disappear from the Earth apart bats, they will be always considered
mammals, the only survivors of this group. For analogy the actual bird must
be considered dinosaurs. The mesozoican diversification of the dinosaurs is
comparable with the actual mammals variety.

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