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Re: Pterosaurs

In a message dated 11/30/00 1:37:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
dinomcdevitt@yahoo.com writes:

> Germanodactylus probably let
>  go of the branch it was clinging to and swooped down,
>  before flapping its wings to stay in the air. 

Evidence (aside from the John Sibbick painting)?

>  Those
>  with very large wings, such as Gnathosaurus, just
>  spread their wings and let the wind and air currents
>  carry them upwards. 

Again, evidence?

>  The fish-eating Gallodactylus had
>  forward-pointing teeth to catch and keep hold of
>  slithery fish.

Quick note: this animal is now usually referred to _Cycnorhamphus_.

--Nick P.