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Re: birds,dogs,stupids....

>><<On the contrary, I think we are.  >>
and then:
<<The reasons for not
calling birds dinosaurs is because such a statement is confusing (in the

same way calling an elephant a vertebrate in everyday language is
confusing---hey, look, a herd of vertebrates!) and a vast
oversimplification.  >>

unless i've misunderstood your statements( it's likely to be so, since
i'm not english), i think there's a
contradiction between the first  and the second .....well, it wouldn't
be a contraddiction if you were
saying that you want to confuse others' ideas, but i don't think this is
your case....<<

You're right, my statements were confusing, namely because I can't
remember to what I was referring when I said "we are", we are what?  Let
me check back in my records and plug a verb in there.
Ah, yes.  I was saying that I think that some of the people who took
umbrage at the Gould article _did_ propose to call birds dinosaurs in
everyday life.  I don't think we should do that (refer to birds as
dinosaurs) is because dinosaur is a general term, and there isn't much
useful information to be gained by referring to it all the time (after
the initial shock value, that is).

Calling birds dinosaurs in everyday life was what I saw in the Gould
essay, anyway.