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Re: Niger expedition's over

Would anbody out there, after looking at the general proportions of this bone, be able to make some kind of speculation regarding its owner?( well, i think that if they let us see it, it's possible to espress personal opinions, right?)<
It appears that the front of the skull would be towards the right of the picture (judging from the size of the sockets), and that the teeth were probably longer than wide, though not by much. The tooth line appears to be straight at the rear, and upturning mildly at the front. This appears to be different than the max. of _Tyrannosaurus_, _Daspletosaurus_, _Yangchuanosaurus_, _Ceratosaurus_,_Dromeosaurus_,_Deinonychus_, _Troodon_ and _Allosaurus_. _Dilophosaurus_ has a similar sharp upturn, however the posterior portion of the tooth row is not a straight line. Unfortunately, I do not have an illustration of _Spinosaurus_, or any African theropod for that matter, so I can't really say. It looks to be about half a meter long, but this is just a guestimate. My guess would be a sort of spinosaur, but I also don't know a whole lot about them, so this is just my opinion.

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