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re: Atomosphere (Last of the Pterosaurs

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I don't know where exactly it came from or if there are any actual
publications on it, but it is in JP.  The sick _Stegosaurus_ (or was it a
_Triceratops_?) part I believe explains that during the Mesozoic the air was
much more rich in Oxygen that today.  The moon was also closer to earth
(again, only in theory).  I'd like to hear more about it.  Once my science
teacher said that the sky is blue because the sunlight refracts off of all of
the Oxygen molecules in the atmosphere and creates a blue wavelength.  If
there was more oxygen, the sky might appear purple- or greenish-blue.  I
thought that was interesting, I don't know if it is actually true though.

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Not that the Q thread isn't interesting, but I would like to go further into
the atmosphere.  HP JimC mentioned a different atmosphere back in the
Mesozoic then there is today.  I've heard that theory before (in Jurassic
Park, I think) and I want to know the rationale behind it.  I suppose it
makes sense that the Earth is bleeding off atmosphere, but do we really have
Mesozoic air samples?

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