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Re: Atomosphere (Last of the Pterosaurs

On Sat, 02 Dec 2000 09:52:44  
 Daniel Bensen wrote:
>>>In today's
>atmosphere, sink rate at best L/D would appear to have been on the
>approximate order of 105-120 feet per minute.<<
>Not that the Q thread isn't interesting, but I would like to go further into
>the atmosphere.  HP JimC mentioned a different atmosphere back in the
>Mesozoic then there is today.  I've heard that theory before (in Jurassic
>Park, I think) and I want to know the rationale behind it.  I suppose it
>makes sense that the Earth is bleeding off atmosphere, but do we really have
>Mesozoic air samples?

Keith Rigby claims that he does, although I don't know exactly what he has 
published on it.  I interviewed him awhile back, and in my process of 
researching I came across some articles (including one in the Notre Dame Alumni 
Magazine, I believe) that described Rigby's research on some amber specimens 
that had 'Mesozoic air' trapped inside of them.

Furthermore, I believe that Rigby and Richard Hengst have done another study on 
Tyrannosaurus breathing, and much of it was on the difference between the 
atmosphere of today and the atmosphere of the Cretaceous.  I know I have the 
paper lying around somewhere, and once (if) I find it I'll post the ref.


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