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Re: Response to Gould?

Eric Lurio wrote-

> That's why I've been ranting against the misuse of the term "reptile."
> Centuries of usage have given the term a specific meaning. We can't
> change it capriciously and call whoever disagrees stupid or uninformed.
> That's why "aminiote" is preferrable to reptile.

>audible sigh< Okay, I've stayed out of this mostly philosophical argument
so far, but I feel the need to clarify a fact.  Amnoita is a different group
than Reptilia.  Amnoita contains reptiles and synapsids.  Thus, all reptiles
are amnoites, but not all amnoites are reptiles.  See
for more details.  Amnoite is a more inclusive term than reptile, so it is
not a synonym and should therefore not be preferred over reptile.  It
doesn't matter that history and public opinion don't identify birds as
reptiles.  Scientific theory should be the basis of public opinion, not the
other way around.

Mickey Mortimer