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Re: Response to Gould?

Those of us who daily are faced with the task of presenting and interpreting
current scientific findings to the public and to school-age groups
constantly must modify our presentations to adapt to our audiences.
Fundamentalist Christian school classes require us to tone down mention of
cosmic, stelllar, or biological evolutionary  processes,, While my tongue
may be severely bitten, I must bow to the realities of local taxpayers, and,
hence, the state's support for our endeavours.
This, alas, means  that I must reduce astronomical and astophysical, not to
say biological and geological, information to its least common denomenator,
save in those rare and happy circumstances when I am dealing with a class of
exceptional honors students. Believe me, a lively, alert, questioning group
of fourth-graders makes my enttire week worthwhile!

Staff Astronomer
Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory
Brevard Community College
Cocoa, Florida, USA