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Re: [Re: Liaoning Freak Show at Dinofest ]

   I have a concern I would like to voice about the whole Chinese fossil boom
thing. It seems to me that there have been a surprising number of
"revolutionary" bird-dino missing links found in China (don't take me too
literally on the wordage there). Considering that one of them was found to be
a fraud (even though it managed to masquerade as real for as long as it did),
this raised serious questions in my mind between the fossils coming out of
China, the timetable of which they have come out, and both in relation to the
type of government they have there. It seems questionable to me that all these
really magnificent fossils of very similar nature have come out all so close
together (correct me if I'm wrong.) 
   So, I'm writing this for two reasons: first, to voice my concern over this;
second, too wonder why this is happening. Is it just that they've really
stepped up their paleontological efforts, or blind luck, or what?

                                             Caleb Lewis

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