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Atmosphere Refs

I agree with Larry and Jeff that the entire idea of oxygen and other 
atmospheric gases being trapped in amber bubbles for over 65 million years is a 
bit shady and hard to believe, but anyway....here are some refs that relate to 
the subject.  I know that there is another paper out that that deals explicitly 
with the bubbles, but I don't have it.

Hengst, Richard A., J. Keith Rigby, Gary P. Landis, and Robert L. Sloan.  1996. 
Biological Consequences of Mesozoic Atmospheres: Respiratory Adaptations and 
Functional Range of Apatosaurus.  In: Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinctions: 
Biotic and Environmental Changes.  MacLeod and Keller, eds.  WW Norton and 
Company, New York. 

Hengst, Richard and J. Keith Rigby.  1994.  Apatosaurus as a Means of 
Understanding Dinosaur Respiration.  In: Dinofest 1994 Volume.  Rosenberg and 
Wolberg, eds.  Paleontological Society Special Publication #7.  Randall Spencer 
Series editor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Press.

Hengst, Richard and J. Keith Rigby.  In Press.  Mesozoic Breathing: Comparing 
North and South American Theropods.  In: Dinofest Volume III.

Furthermore, check out Hengst's letter to the journal Science in the July 3, 
1998 issue.

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