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RE: Is Euornithes preoccupied?

Timothy J. Williams

>More recently (1996), I've seen Kurochkin use the Euornithes as a clade 
>within the Enantiornithes.  I also remember thinking what an utterly daft 
>idea it was.  There's the etymological incongruity of having the "true 
>birds" as a subgroup of "opposite birds"!!??; (reminds me of putting the 
>Suchia inside the Pseudosuchia).  Sereno uses the name Euornithes for the 
>_sister taxon_ to the Enantiornithes.  As such, Sereno's Euornithes includes 
>modern birds (Neornithes), ichthyornithids, and hesperornithiforms, but not 
>Enantiornithes, confuciusornithids or _Archaeopteryx_.
>  Deinonychosauria
>  Aves
>    _Archaeopteryx_
>    Ornithurae
>      _Confuciusornis_
>      Ornithothoraces
>        Enantiornithes
>        Euornithes

Could you tell me what genera and or species of Deinonychosuaria was there 
before _Archaeoptreyx_?

Thanks for your answers