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Wow! I went to Dinofest this weekend in Chicago! It was soooo unbelievable! 
It took 2.5 hours to get through half of it! I took like 3 rolls of film 
because my sister made me limit it otherwise I'd have many more. The 
"dinomation" and realistic displays were cool but the bones...wow! The 
especially loved the two T rexes...uh...Wanton and some other one chasing a 
striuthimimus. And the largest skeleton on display in the world! The femur 
alone was like 9 feet. I guess I shouldn't tell too much unless someone's 
interested. I'd like to scan my pictures and put them online but I don't have 
a website, so if anyone has a site I could upload them to, that'd be great. 
Everyone has to go check out Dinofest 2000!!