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RE: [Re: Birds, Fish, and the Class Ceratopsia (was RE: Response to Gould?)]

I'll make you a deal. If you can convince any major university to establish a Department of Ceratopsia which is equivalent to their Department of Ornithology, then I will consider Ceratopsia as a separate class.
By the way, does anyone know if any universities have yet combined their bird and reptile specimens into one big collection?
----Cheers, Ken :-)
P.S. However, you may all rest assured that I will never consider the recognition of Huxley's Kingdom Psychozoa for Homo sapiens. :-)
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Subject: RE: [Re: Birds, Fish, and the Class Ceratopsia (was RE: Response to Gould?)]
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> Ceratop[s]ia, bah! Most egregious paraphyletic group: all life forms
> excluding Homo sapiens.

Agreed: the "taxon" Nature!

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