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Re: Disney Longisquama?

calzola wrote:
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  The directors liked the Longisquama, but I told them that it was way
to early for the Cretaceous period, even in our fantasy world.  I based
it loosely on Longi but incorperated elements from Icarasaurus and
draco-lizards and such.  Seeing as gliding lizards evolved several times
in earth's history, the hybrid was called "the Gliding Lizard" 
  An earlier version of the model had the ribs as wings that folded back
into it's body, the version that shoed up in the film has almost
bonafied wings that flap.
  This was one of my favourite ones to design, and I know that the
animators had a blast with it as well, he raised chameleons, so hence
the attitude.

  David Krentz