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dinosaurs and ice age mammals

Dear Madame/Sir,

After five years of traveling, our popular dinosaur and ice age exhibits are closing.  We were extremely pleased with the excitement that the exhibits generated in their venues across the United States and Canada and we would like to thank all the museums who hosted the exhibits.

We have begun selling the cast skeletons and other displays from the two exhibits at a third off their regular selling price.  Highlights of the ice age exhibit include an excellent collection of cast hominid skulls featuring: Paranthropus aethiopicus KNM-WT 17000 (Black Skull), Australopithecus africanus STS 5 (Mrs. Ples) and Homo sapiensM-SL 1/2 EX (Skhul V), an articulated Homo ergaster skeleton KNM-ER 15000 (Turkana Boy),  and various mammals including a woolly rhino and giant elk skull.  From our dinosaur exhibit we are featuring such skeletons as Triceratops and Malawisaurus.  All the displays come with their own stands or bases.

Our Smilodon californicus cast skeleton is currently being auctioned off on ebay for a reduced price.  For a complete listing and more information regarding the individual items that are still available for sale, please refer to our exhibit website at www.rciexhibits.com.

Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Shannon Kelly
Research Casting International
4902 Union Rd.
Beamsville, ON Canada
t: 905-563-9000/ f: 905-563-8787