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Re: standing t-rexs

In a message dated 12/5/00 11:53:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
dinonaut@tacisp.com writes:

<< I have a question  that has to do with my dino art. Could a theropod
 like T-Rex prop itself up on its haunches like a kangaroo, just like in the
 old Charles R. Knight renderings? In my own meager anatomical studies, I
 haven't seen a problem with this being able to happen. Any input would be
 most appreciated. >>

  I've drawn them like that, thinking of the animal scanning the landscape or 
possibly showing an intimidation pose. It makes for a very regal posture. The 
problem would be keeping the femur in the correct position--not drawing it 
back too far. I'd like to hear from Chris and/or Tom on this. 
  Dan Varner.