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Re: standing t-rexs

In a message dated 12/6/00 7:44:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
mbonnan@hotmail.com writes:

<< I'm no theropod expert, but one of the reasons why T. rex cannot rear up 
 into the position you suggest is that the femur would have to become 
 disarticulated to do so.  >>

  I think the Knight painting Cliff is referring to is the classic Field 
Museum mural with the horizontal Tyrannosaurus in the foreground confronting 
Triceratops, with the kangaroo-like tyrannosaur in the backround being the 
operative figure here. Its femur (at least the one we can see) is still in a 
safe position, I think, being more or less parallel with the pubis. I think 
the question is getting in or out of this position and the tail being able to 
act as a support. DV.