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Re: Ultrasaurus=Supersaurus (was Re: Trex femur (was : Dinofest))

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NJPharris@aol.com writes:

<< _Ultrasaurus_: non-diagnostic sauropod (brachiosaurid?) material from 
 _Ultrasauros_: a mix of elements from the diplodocid _Supersaurus_ and a    
 particularly large _Brachiosaurus_.  Am not personally sure which one the 
 type    specimen comes from.
The Type for supersaur (originaly described as_Ultrasauros_) is based on that 
material ascribed orginaly to_Ultrasauros_.  Dry Mesa quarry I believe.  The 
type is housed at BYU.  There is now a second one found, that is much more 
complete...housed at the Tate Museum in Wyoming.  More to come on this 
critter in the not to distant future...