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Re: _Microraptor zhaoianus_

Mary wrote: Tomorrow's Nature contains a paper on "The smallest known non-avian theropod dinosaur." Xing Xu, Zhonghe Zhou and Xiaolin Wang report on _Microraptor zhaoianus_ as "the first mature non-avian dinosaur to be found that is smaller than _Archaeopteryx_, and it eliminates the size disparity between the earliest birds and their closest non-avian theropod relatives." There are "large patches of integuments...preserved in situ around the skeleton." "Some pedal features of _Microraptor_ are consistent with an arboreal habit."

I also wrote a report for New Scientist, now up at the New Scientist web site (http://www.newscientist.com), along with a _very nice_ reconstruction supplied by Xing Xu.
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