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RE: coelcanth

Donna and Lauri,
I read about this coelacanth story a couple of days ago. Looks like you don't have to have a submersible to see them, but still deep enough that it's a dangerous dive. Hopefully I typed the link correctly below.
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Subject: RE: coelcanth
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 13:49:14 -0700

I think I may have seen the same one, several years ago. I believe it was a
National Geographic Explorer program, but I could be mistaken.

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> Subject: coelcanth
> I was told by an acquaintence recently that a tv program had aired footage
> someone took of several coelcanth's they had spotted while scuba diving.
> Anyone see anything about this or where I might be able to see that
> footage?
> Donna Handforth
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