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Re: coelcanth

In a message dated Wed, 6 Dec 2000  3:44:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Kimba4evr@aol.com writes:

<< I was told by an acquaintence recently that a tv program had aired footage 
someone took of several coelcanth's they had spotted while scuba diving.  
Anyone see anything about this or where I might be able to see that footage? >>

The coelacanth has a website:
http://www.dinofish.com (official title is "Coelacanth:  The Fish Out of Time." 
 There are a number of videos on the site, including the fish with a diver.  
This is an excellent site for extensive information about this "living fossil." 
 You can also order a really neat t-shirt and contribute to the efforts to 
protect the coelacanth.